Week 7 Prompt: Transitions

This week is all about transitions.  The more obvious interpretation could be about back to school, end of traveling, changing seasons (although is it actually cooling off anywhere yet?), maybe just preparing for the coming change of season…

Or it could also be about more subtle or personal transitions. From change of hairstyle, to major changes in your family. The positive change is not always captured, so here is an opportunity to find the joy in your transitions. In the change itself, the preparations for change, the middle place of moving through before the change is complete, in the lessons learned, or upgrades enjoyed. I invite you to take a moment and document your story of transition in whatever way makes sense for you this week. To simply journal it down and let it go, or to document and hold on to movement in your life and what it means to you now; there is no wrong way to work on the prompt!

And the 2016 class message from Julie is for you below.

As we draw this project to a close (and, hold on, because we’re not totally done yet!), transitions – from finishing this project, this summer, and looking forward to what comes this fall – are a time for reflection and planning.

For looking back and looking ahead.

And that’s what this week’s prompt is all about. Whether you’re transitioning to the start of the school year (as we are in some places) or rounding out winter (in the southern hemisphere) or somewhere in between, transition is – or will soon be – upon us. And documenting that as a final piece of our albums is a poetic way to usher change into our work.

So join us, and our friend Kim, as we discuss change, reflection, and planning and bring it into the end of our album.

Julie Love Gagen


And  from the 2016 class, Changing Seasons with Kim Oedekoven

For me, no other time of year has quite the emotional and physical transition like the change from Summer to Fall. From changes in weather, to the shift from unscripted summer vacations to structured fall plans, from vacation to back to work and back to school. Life shifts dramatically and the swift adaptation in life and work that we make is what distinguishes this transition from any other time of year.

Whether it’s the anticipated loss of summer, or the impending shift towards winter, the feeling of this time of year hits me right between the eyes every.single.time.

Now, there are a lot of ways to approach this prompt, so we’ll start, first, by looking back and reflecting on the summer we’ve had.

There are so many things that I love about summer. The freedom of travel, vacation, and unplanned days. The beauty. The warmth. The joy.

I could go on and on .. and on!

But take a moment to think about the summer you’ve had. What did you love most? What did you eat, crave, do, adventure, explore, document most? What defines the season you’ve had?

What did you love most?

Document that. In photos, in collages, in the form of a list or journal entry. Just write it down and include it, in some way, in your album.

Look back on your Summer Manifesto, your Bucket List, and notice both what you did, what you still hope to do, and what you’re skipping. Think back to how your summer shifted from what you planned to what you did. Notice the themes. Reflect. Write about it.

Kim Oedekoven


Again this class was originally created and run by Julie Love Gagen in 2016. She has given me permission to lead the class this year do to a large amount of interest in the class. She is unable to run it at this time as she has recently opened a yoga studio, but has graciously given me permission to take over for this year.

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