Jennifer Underwood, Teacher 

 I was introduced to Amanda by a mutual friend who knew I was struggling with finding direction in my life. Just the idea of “what am I doing with my life” was a difficult concept to grasp. I was in my late 30s, single and changing careers when I met Amanda and learned about her life-coaching experience. I was also dating a man I wanted to marry, but I wasn’t sure how to move forward in these areas.  In our first conversation, I identified primary struggles that were holding me back in our first session.

One of the things I most enjoyed about our coaching sessions were the consistency and that fact that I got to share with someone who would not judge me for my thoughts and insecurities. Amanda has a great skill in listening to what you are saying and guiding you in your own discovery of your goals and how to organize yourself to stay committed.

I gained the focus and determination I needed to move forward.  I truly believe that I have gained the skills to create a clearer vision to what I want to accomplish, and the power of asking the right questions.  More importantly, recognizing the barriers or challenges that may keep me from accomplishing my goals, ahead of time and knowing what these were to then take action and overcome blocks. I am also proud to share that I just started my Masters in Arts of Education degree at Trinity University, while working full time, and the man I was dating when we started became my husband.

Many times I find myself telling friend and strangers about the benefits of life coaches. But more importantly, how Amanda has been a positive influence on what I have accomplished in the last two years, with only a handful of coaching sessions.


Summer Heit, Nurse, mom of three, and former professional ballet dancer

Before I worked with Amanda, I felt like I was out of options and tools to help me out of my struggles with career choices in nursing, missing my creative life as a dancer, changing careers at an older age, feeling unmotivated to exercise, and consequent depression. 
Through working with her I gained insight and valuable tools I didn’t even know I needed or that existed that could help me with thinking differently and moving in a more positive direction. Amanda is real, down to earth, and understanding. She brings humor and experience to our coaching sessions, and truly cares about how you are doing with your challenges. 
Her coaching taught me that there really is more out there than I thought there would be for me. Amanda helped me learn to re-story my negative thought patterns.
Her coaching techniques gave me new tools to work through those challenges myself.  I especially felt I was more aware of my own thoughts and how to move them in a more helpful, less negative direction.  
Amanda truly brings a holistic approach to your life coaching, encouraging and genuinely interested in your struggles and success. Through both creative, practical and mind-body work, she helps bring all the pieces of you together in better harmony; to feel more complete and balanced in life the mind-body work helps draw out more deeply the issues, root causes, and non-superficial work that needs to be done. Mind-body work adds new tools for you to more deeply and fully explore yourself and your potentials.  If you are considering working with Amanda, you will truly get a lot out of it and will be worth your money and your time towards self-improvement. She invests in you so you can learn to invest in yourself.