Photographer Kari Stiles: On Being True to Yourself as An Everyday Artist

The Everyday Artist
Photographer Kari Stiles: On Being True to Yourself as An Everyday Artist

In this episode Kari Stiles shares her passion for photography and her intuitive creative process. She talks about how photography is the everyday art that saves her creatively. She also explains how her background in design has informed her photography practice, and what she is most inspired to capture. I love Kari’s raw open discussion of what photography means to her, and the way she finds stunning shots, in everyday places, and emotion in natural beauty.  I so loved talking with Kari, and I hope you enjoy hearing this glimpse into her creative life.

We start off this episode with a fun preamble; talking about what is helping us get through this tough time while we are “safer at home” and what we are loving despite this challenge, and then get into the heart of the interview.  (scroll down to press play!)


Time Stamps

4:21// “Safer at Home” thriving. What’s been working and what we are loving in this strange time. 

15:29// Regular interview begins

16:30// Kari’s introduction of herself and peak into her creative life

19:15// Q: What about photography is magic to you?

21:25//  Q: Tell us about your creative process for photography or otherwise

28:37// Q: As someone with a design background who is also telling stories, what’s your perspective on valuing the art process for itself and the telling of the story?

36:28// Why Kari gets “super weird” about talking about a certain look or “brand” that she has (AKA creating authentically)

38:31// Kari’s strong feelings on rainbows

43:14// On capturing the FEELING of a place, and what she does to get the shot

48:30// How photography helps in the tough times (AKA “the crying question” – Kari)

54:14// The fun questions: What’s on your desk? What’s on your playlist? Who’s inspiring you right now?

Amanda’s Notes

Yoga Wake Up App– Alarm clock for yoga in bed/get up slowly

Tara Stiles IG Live 8 am everyday

Netflix Party

Brene Brown Podcast

Kari’s Stay at Home Notes

99% Invisible

Wu-tang on Hulu

High Fidelity on Hulu

Kari’s Playlist Recs

Mac Miller

The Internet

Marlon Craft



Frank Ocean

Kari’s Playlist (coming soon)


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