Creative Self Care with Morgan Beal

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Creative Self Care with Morgan Beal

Today I am talking with Everyday Artist Morgan Beal.

Morgan is an advocate at a domestic violence crisis center, and uses Project Life and Memory Keeping as a form of self care and rejuvenation.  She shares with us why she loves the tough work that she does in the world, and yet what kind of toll it can take on her well being if she isn’t careful about taking care of herself.

She tells us she must unabashedly prioritize self care, and getting creative is a huge part of that for her. Combining beautiful photography with design and storytelling, Morgan’s Project Life albums are an incredible body of work.

She also talks to us about her tips for dealing with the inner critic when it comes to prioritizing self care and doing creative work. Morgan has been featured several times as a special guest for the Ali Edwards Design story kit classes, and her work can be seen on her Instagram feed- “full of crafting and cats!” as she happily warns potential followers. We are not hating on that!

I was so thrilled to have Morgan on the show, and I loved hearing more about her story, her work in the world, and her creative identity, and I know you will too!

Here is a little of Morgan’s work that can be found in her Instagram account.  I cannot get enough.

Morgan’s instagram feed and project life are a gorgeous work of art.  If you aren’t yet subscribed to her Instagram account what are you even waiting? Go!


Morgan’s Current Podcast Fav:


Morgan’s currently inspired by:

Show Note on Self Care + Show Quotes

New (or Re-newed) To Scrapbooking resources:

Examples to explore on Instagram:

And because we couldn’t leave you without this, Morgan’s Cats: Clementine, Oliver and Sullivan:

Everyday Artist Challenge: How do you do Creative Self Care?

We would love to see/hear/read what creative self care means to you today, and how you define it in your own experience.

Use the hashtag #everdayartistchallenge to share your definition, and/or examples of your self care in action!

Thanks for listening and daring to live a creative life!

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