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Creative Living with Brandi Kincaid

Brandi Kincaid is an illustrator professionally and also an epic everyday artist. She includes a wide variety of genres in her own creative identity, including memory keeping, capturing words, sewing and her popular commonplace books in which she captures quotes, illustrations, pictures, and words that speak to her. Her work often speaks to the value of being an observer of “the good”, and the value of magnifying the the small details of life as a creative act of self care.  

In this episode, Brandi chats with me about her creative routines, the value of making for the sake of making and scratching the itch to create in order to keep some sense of balance.  She talks about her previous One Little Word, grace,  and creating with a sensitivity to the world around her. She shares how observation shapes her creative life, and how she uses single words to deepen her creative well. We also get her take on some previous episode themes like creating just for yourself as an act of self care, and the value of creative play that sometimes shows up for her in the form of “thrifting” and then making with found treasures. 

We talk about the positive results of creating just for the joy of it, without the pressure of expectation or approval.   She also takes us into the history of her common place books and the uplifting practice of coming back to and reflecting on what you previously captured or created as a self care practice more rejuvenating than a bubble bath! 

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