Photographer Teri Prichard: On creativity through divorce and redefining yourself.

Time Stamps

: Teri’s introduction

: What inspires Teri

: Book Quote from Daria Halprin

:Teri describes the role her creative work in her life

:On how being a mom affects her creative life

:”Finding Teri” again outside of *roles*

: Creativity as part of the tough times

:On Boundaries during personal challenges

: On advice for other women going through something similar

: The Fun Questions

Show Notes:

Jessica Upton: Color Cast Designs

Ali Edwards

Daria Halprin Book

Photographer Kari Stiles: On Being True to Yourself as An Everyday Artist

In this episode Kari Stiles shares her passion for photography and her intuitive creative process. She talks about how photography is the everyday art that saves her creatively. She also explains how her background in design has informed her photography practice, and what she is most inspired to capture. I love Kari’s raw open discussion of what photography means to her, and the way she finds stunning shots, in everyday places, and emotion in natural beauty.  I so loved talking with Kari, and I hope you enjoy hearing this glimpse into her creative life.

We start off this episode with a fun preamble; talking about what is helping us get through this tough time while we are “safer at home” and what we are loving despite this challenge, and then get into the heart of the interview.  (scroll down to press play!)


Time Stamps

4:21// “Safer at Home” thriving. What’s been working and what we are loving in this strange time. 

15:29// Regular interview begins

16:30// Kari’s introduction of herself and peak into her creative life

19:15// Q: What about photography is magic to you?

21:25//  Q: Tell us about your creative process for photography or otherwise

28:37// Q: As someone with a design background who is also telling stories, what’s your perspective on valuing the art process for itself and the telling of the story?

36:28// Why Kari gets “super weird” about talking about a certain look or “brand” that she has (AKA creating authentically)

38:31// Kari’s strong feelings on rainbows

43:14// On capturing the FEELING of a place, and what she does to get the shot

48:30// How photography helps in the tough times (AKA “the crying question” – Kari)

54:14// The fun questions: What’s on your desk? What’s on your playlist? Who’s inspiring you right now?

Amanda’s Notes

Yoga Wake Up App– Alarm clock for yoga in bed/get up slowly

Tara Stiles IG Live 8 am everyday

Netflix Party

Brene Brown Podcast

Kari’s Stay at Home Notes

99% Invisible

Wu-tang on Hulu

High Fidelity on Hulu

Kari’s Playlist Recs

Mac Miller

The Internet

Marlon Craft



Frank Ocean

Kari’s Playlist (coming soon)


Tina Azmus @lifelovepaper

Eric Veloso @ericveloso

Bisco Smith @biscosmith

jessica foley @fauxly

Sean D @seandshoots

Paola Franqui @monaris_

Creative Living with Brandi Kincaid

Brandi Kincaid is an illustrator professionally and also an epic everyday artist. She includes a wide variety of genres in her own creative identity, including memory keeping, capturing words, sewing and her popular commonplace books in which she captures quotes, illustrations, pictures, and words that speak to her. Her work often speaks to the value of being an observer of “the good”, and the value of magnifying the the small details of life as a creative act of self care.  

In this episode, Brandi chats with me about her creative routines, the value of making for the sake of making and scratching the itch to create in order to keep some sense of balance.  She talks about her previous One Little Word, grace,  and creating with a sensitivity to the world around her. She shares how observation shapes her creative life, and how she uses single words to deepen her creative well. We also get her take on some previous episode themes like creating just for yourself as an act of self care, and the value of creative play that sometimes shows up for her in the form of “thrifting” and then making with found treasures. 

We talk about the positive results of creating just for the joy of it, without the pressure of expectation or approval.   She also takes us into the history of her common place books and the uplifting practice of coming back to and reflecting on what you previously captured or created as a self care practice more rejuvenating than a bubble bath! 

Episode References (Google Doc Link)

Episode Table of Contents (Google Docs Link)

Hashtag CHALLENGE! Share your “Letter to Self” using the stories template or incorporate it into your own art/craft and share with #everydayartistmyletter








Creative Self Care with Morgan Beal

Today I am talking with Everyday Artist Morgan Beal.

Morgan is an advocate at a domestic violence crisis center, and uses Project Life and Memory Keeping as a form of self care and rejuvenation.  She shares with us why she loves the tough work that she does in the world, and yet what kind of toll it can take on her well being if she isn’t careful about taking care of herself.

She tells us she must unabashedly prioritize self care, and getting creative is a huge part of that for her. Combining beautiful photography with design and storytelling, Morgan’s Project Life albums are an incredible body of work.

She also talks to us about her tips for dealing with the inner critic when it comes to prioritizing self care and doing creative work. Morgan has been featured several times as a special guest for the Ali Edwards Design story kit classes, and her work can be seen on her Instagram feed- “full of crafting and cats!” as she happily warns potential followers. We are not hating on that!

I was so thrilled to have Morgan on the show, and I loved hearing more about her story, her work in the world, and her creative identity, and I know you will too!

Here is a little of Morgan’s work that can be found in her Instagram account.  I cannot get enough.

Morgan’s instagram feed and project life are a gorgeous work of art.  If you aren’t yet subscribed to her Instagram account what are you even waiting? Go!


Morgan’s Current Podcast Fav:


Morgan’s currently inspired by:

Show Note on Self Care + Show Quotes

New (or Re-newed) To Scrapbooking resources:

Examples to explore on Instagram:

And because we couldn’t leave you without this, Morgan’s Cats: Clementine, Oliver and Sullivan:

Everyday Artist Challenge: How do you do Creative Self Care?

We would love to see/hear/read what creative self care means to you today, and how you define it in your own experience.

Use the hashtag #everdayartistchallenge to share your definition, and/or examples of your self care in action!

Thanks for listening and daring to live a creative life!

The Value of Creative Play with Tracey Fox

I was happy dancing my way through this interview with epic scrapbooker, Tracey Fox where we talked all about the value of creative play and fun in our lives as adults, the meaning of scrapbooking today, and the depth of vulnerability and storytelling throughout the scrapbook community online.

Tracey’s Work: A Sample of the Fun! Find These and so much more @scrappylikeafox on Instagram!


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Show Notes:

Tracey’s Instagram

Tracey’s scrapbook based card game: Scraps Incite Calamity

Tracey’s Pinterest Board “Design”

Elle’s Studio

Tracey’s July Instagram Challenge: #scrappychristmasinjuly


Tracey’s incredible movie collection!

Tracey’s Podcasts:

The Scrap Gals

Crafty Ass Female

Hey Crafty Babes (no longer in production, but archives still available)

Happier With Gretchen Rubin

Magic with Elizabeth Gilbert + Episode with Brene Brown

Personality Hacker

Amanda’s Play Research:

The National Institute of play

Ted Talk on the value of play

New (or Re-newed) To Scrapbooking resources:

Studio Calico Kits

Project Life by Becky Higgins

Ali Edwards Kits

Ali Edwards One Little Word project

Ali Edwards Youtube Videos

Shimelle Youtube Videos Big Supplier

Examples to explore on Instagram:




#30daysoflists (current challenge at time of launching this episode)



Tracey’s definition of scrapbooking today:

Documenting a a memory, perspective, or intention in a physical or digital format, with photos words or both; embellishment optional. 

Challenge: What is Scrapbooking to you?

We would love to see what scrapbooking means to you today, and how you define it in your own experience.  Use the hashtag #everdayartistchallenge1 to share your definition, and/or examples of your scrapbooking defined in action!  You can also find instagram stories templates in @wilderstories instagram story feed and saved stories under “Everyday Artist

Thanks for listening and daring to live a creative life!