Photographer Azzari Jarrett {Part 2 of 2}

If you listened to part 1 of my conversations with Azzari, then you know that we recorded an update in September of 2020 because SO much had happened for Azzari and in the world after that summer, that it just seemed important to have a conversation about some big events and changes in her creative life and in the art and craft and memory keeping community in general.

In this short episode, hear more about Azzari’s experience being interviewed by a New York Times reporter, and her decision to launch her own line of products that would better support telling stories about her life experience as a Black woman. After the incredible reception of her first launch, she had just last week released a second collection of her own product. I’m really excited for her, and to see the support of these products in the memory keeping community and the waves that her work is creating there. It’s been so incredible to watch. So let’s dive in and hear more about Azzari’s continued creative story! 

*ALL IMAGES COURTESY OF Azzari Jarrett @azzarijarrett on Instagram

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New York Times Article: Scrapbooking isn’t Just For White People

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