Little Summer Joy | Week 5 Prompts

Simple moments are those moments, those brief snippets of our lives that if we move too fast, we’ll miss them. The moments that craft and frame our lives. Those moments that distinguish our individual, imperfect, but wonderful lives from any other life. A simple moment has us laughing with our partners, our kids, our friends, or receiving a warm, friendly greeting from our pets. Life is a collection of those moments. Every day is a new opportunity. So this week we’re going to make an effort to slow down. Not all day. Not every day. But, occasionally, take a moment to pause. To see and appreciate the people, the things, the aspects of life that so simply and so beautifully capture your simple, fortunate reality right now.



If only for a few minutes. Take a longer breath. Notice your surroundings, your mood, your state of being. Maybe light a candle. Look around with new eyes. And take a moment to write.

What do you see?

What do you feel?

How do you feel?

You see, life can be SO busy sometimes. And that can be a good thing. A great thing. Shuffling in between vacations, travel, the unpredictability of summer happenings, the last minute plans. It’s all wonderful. But if we’re not aware, we can miss it.

So this week, we’re slowing down. Taking it in. Pausing, even just for a moment. To notice the little things. The simple things. Those things that are often right under our noses, that we just fail to really appreciate in our day to day living. What are they? How do they make us feel? What are the joys they bring to our lives?

Let it be simple, not complicated. Let it be short. Let it come easy.”

-Bonita Rose, 2016 Little Summer Joy Class Prompts


Again this class was originally created and run by Julie Love Gagen in 2016. She has given me permission to lead the class this year do to a large amount of interest in the class. She is unable to run it at this time as she has recently opened a yoga studio, but has graciously given me permission to take over for this year.

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