Little Summer Joy | Week 4 Prompts

Little Summer Joy: Week 4 Prompts: Your Summer Story/All about YOU + A Day In The Life

First document some details about you this week.  Record your routines, document progress on your goals, talk about the “real stuff” in your journaling if that is something that appeals to you.

Telling stories is a way of connecting with people. And getting in the practice of telling your own silly, unimportant, ridiculous little stories is a skill that will absolutely make you a better life-documenter, and also a more interesting coworker and friend. -Julie Love Gagen

Then if you want to go deeper, try documenting your day- for example set timers for  7am, 9am, noon, 3pm, 6pm, and 8pm and document whatever you are doing.  Or document your routines, (and broken routines) throughout the day early morning, breakfast, mid morning work/chores, lunch, afternoon work, dinner, evening activities /family time, bedtime routine.  Many of you are familiar with Ali Edward’s day in the life project, which is what the original class was participating in.  There is no official Day in the Life (that I know of) over at Ali Edwards right now, but anytime is a great time to document a day in your life.


Check out this incredibly awesome tutorial France Wisniewski (@banafishstudio) has on her YouTube channel on how to create a photo waterfall! Great for a Day in the Life or an event with lots of photos that you want to document in a Traveler’s Notebook size.  (PS I LOVEd her TN class on Big Picture Classes too!  Lots more inspiration there, FYI)

From France:  “Adding memory keeping project Day in the Life™ into my July Traveler’s notebook. Tip: To decrease bulk, I printed my pictures on HP Brochure Paper. Photo Waterfall Measurements: The base of my waterfall measures: 3.5″x6.675″ • each photo flip measures 3.5″wx4″l • Score .5″ from the top. **These are the measurements that I created to fit my Traveler’s Notebook. You can adjust these measurements to fit any size book. I included 7 flips which gave me room to include 12 photos.”

Again this class was originally created and run by Julie Love Gagen in 2016. She has given me permission to lead the class this year do to a large amount of interest in the class. She is unable to run it at this time as she has recently opened a yoga studio, but has graciously given me permission to take over for this year.

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