Little Summer Joy | Week 3, Prompts


As you have probably noticed, there is a little pattern with these weekly prompts.   They always start with your weekly bullet journal, and almost always end with a wild card (whatever you want). The main prompt is in the middle (2) and this week it’s…

HOMETOWN TOURIST! A previous favorite. (Or “current town” tourist if you don’t live in a hometown at the moment like me 🙃)  Keep it local!  Find and document adventure in your backyard, or sweetness in your hometown favorites. Explore your current city with the eyes of a tourist, go somewhere you have always seen but never tried, put random search words into a google map of your town and see where it leads you!  Have fun with this one friends!  I took lots of photos and shared in my stories last week, and am working on my layouts now.  Look forward to sharing and seeing your summer joys as well!


Don’t forget to use #littlesummerjoy2018 when you share on instagram!

I visited nearby Venice, CA for a trendy hometown touristy day.  Layouts to come this week!

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