Little Summer Joy | Week 2, Prompt 1: Calendar and Bullet Journal



Week 2| Prompts 1 : Create a July calendar of events in your album to remember and/or a bullet journal for this week!  [Jump in any time if just joining the project. ]  Click through @littlepaper projects, or @wilderstories for further for examples of weekly bullet journals from the 2016 LSJ project. Also Check our Julie’s great youtube video on this, if you missed it in the introduction.   I’ll be sharing my calendar and bullet journal style today- just a place to keep a little extra journaling/planning to have a picture of the week to look back on.

Also check out @littlepaperprojects YouTube channel for more examples of this (link in @wilderstories saved stories under LSJ)

Finally IF YOU PURCHASED THE 2016 LSJ class, most of the content is still available! You can still log in and see all the examples and inspiration from Julie and others there.  If just joining for the first time, for the free version you are stuck with me!  LOVE seeing your albums coming together this week can’t wait to see your interpretation of “celebrating the little things”this week.


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