Little Summer Joy | Week 2 Prompt 2

Week 2, Prompt 2, is Celebrating the Little Things


This prompt from Julie Gagen:

Let’s take some time this week to celebrate the little things in life. Whether you’re learning a new skill, growing your first tomato plant, or purchased a new favorite pair of summer sandals, there is some small thing, some little detail, in your life that you can celebrate. 

You see – success, celebration, the things that bring you joy – it’s all relative. It comes directly from you. From your heart. And giving yourself the space to be happy about a small victory, a favorite new thing, or exploring a new hobby (like this class), is an act of joy.


Even on our hardest days, there are happy moments, joyful things, happening in your life and in the world around you. It’s just a matter of seeing it. Of finding that joy. And bringing it into your book. 

What little moment, new thing, or small victory can you celebrate this week? Here are some examples:

  • Creating a summer reading list
  • Successfully making a batch of popsicles
  • Learning to use your barbecue for the first time
  • Planting new flowers
  • Finishing a knitting project
  • Making cookies
  • Your favorite piece of seasonal clothing
  • Making time for this project
  • Getting outside, even just to sit and appreciate the weather

It can be as small or as big as you want it to be. If it’s important to you, it matters. And it’s worth celebrating. 

If it rained today, celebrate the rain. If you read today, celebrate that time. Or celebrate both. It’s entirely your choice.

-Julie Gagen, Little Summer Joy 2016


As from me, at the top, that’s some “celebrating the little things” 2016 throwback inspo up there.  I’ll admit, like most of us, I’ve had a good but weird week, with 4th of July smack in the middle here in the U.S. , summer travel, and extreme heat leaving me summer hibernating.  The full story of this layout and our 4th of July adventure is on Instagram.

Sharing this craft with all my creative friends is definitely a joy I celebrate. Thanks for being here and sharing whatever you share for this project.


Happy Documenting!

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