Little Summer Joy | Week 1, Prompt 2: Summer Quotes


Fun weekend prompt! ☀ The precise words that make up our thoughts can be powerful. What words do you want dancing around in your mind? Let’s chose a few. Collect a quote or two that in some way connects to your summer manifesto and add it to your album. This could be something inspiring or it could be something practical, or even funny. Words that you connect to or need to hear right now at the beginning of the summer. Words that you might like to come back to throughout.

Other options- song/lyrics, a mini vision board, or one found image that represents your summer manifesto. Typed, painted, pinterest-ed, scribbled; it all counts. Looking forward to sharing our quotes in this community!

Don’t forget to share on instagram with #littlesummerjoy2018 , so I can come by and see!

If you have already done this, move on to week 2, week 3 or week 4!

Here are some too shots of how mine turned out:




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