Little Summer Joy 2018 | Week 1, Prompt 1: Summer Manifesto

Summer Manifesto!

Here we go! Prompt 1 // An opportunity to take 5-10 minutes to write (and share) your summer bucket list |goals | dreams | habits | wishes | plans | feelings ☀ This could be a list, and paragraph or two, could include photos and design or not.

Here’s how mine turned out this year:

I am apparently continuing the tradition of pairing words with three photos for this page. I thought those farmer’s market flowers {bought + loved} from the first day of summer were a nice compliment.  CREATE | MOVE | EXPLORE are my primary themes for this summer. and I wrote a bit about what that might look like for each. My hand drawn squares are messy, but I kind of like that. Kept very simple and just added a few phrase stamps from @lifelovepaper

And a little additional invitation: Be kind to yourself and observe your *living stories* // We memory keepers are good at documenting our stories after they happen. But what about the stories playing on repeat in your head right now? I have had extremely unhelpful thoughts replaying in my head regarding my home, my appearance, my career, my illness etc… at various times. My coaches and teachers have helped me realize more and more the control I have over my thoughts through *re-framing* any situation and the resulting thoughts. And I have been surprised and grateful for how much power simple re-framing has given me. I’m not sugar coating or trying to deny my reality, but I am working on making conscious observations about what my thoughts are doing to/for me. // Many times we are thinking things that are not that useful or even hurtful over and over. They are not the only truths we could tell ourselves, but they are often the only ones our mind is feeding us. // The good news is we have the power to change these stories or “re-frame” them by choosing the true story/ thought that is productive and helpful instead of the mean downer ones. Changing our thoughts changes how we feel which changes our actions. // I humbly challenge you this summer to not only document your past stories, but to be the boss of the stories in your head right now and experiment with the results. Maybe leave a little less space for your inner critic and a little more room for savoring small joys. It’s something I will continue to work on this season and probably for life. Let’s be kind to ourselves!


Here are a few “pieces of moment” I caught on my kitchen table a few weeks ago.



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