Little Summer Joy 2018 | Introduction

Welcome to the Little Summer Joy!

About this project // Celebrating the Little Joys:

The Little Summer Joy (LSJ) project is a memory keeping project with weekly prompts. It’s designed for using photos and stories in a (midori or other) classic traveler’s notebook.  However, you can chose any medium you like, or just fit some of it into a project you are already doing like project life, or summer photography.

Does it sound familiar? LSJ originally a class offered by Julie Love Gagen and Little Paper Projects (@littlepaperprojects on instagram) as a paid class.  She has recently opened a yoga studio, and is no longer hosting the class, but have given me permission and encouragement to create a free version since so many people love the class and have asked about it.  This was all very last minute, and I was not able to throw together an actual class that fast, but I am making this free version happen for the first time as we go, so bear with me! I hope I can provide clear prompts, share inspiration, and even provide a few freebies to make the documenting process even easier.

I highly recommend checking out these free first few videos from the previous class by Julie Love Gagen (check out her feed at @julieloveg).  I love love love seeing her album flip throughs, and hearing more about how she brought together her albums in an easy breezy summer style! Lot’s of paper crafting / journaling eye candy here:


  1. Julie’s introduction, welcome  and first album walk through.
  2. Julie explains traveler’s notebooks and second (yoga) album walk through. 
  3. Julie’s introduction to bullet journaling, planning and calendars in your travelers notebook

Participation//Follow the weekly prompts and share using #littlesummerjoy2018

This is not something where you need to “do it all” to participate.  The prompts are a fun and simple way to document your summer, and share with other memory keepers in various formats. It does not need to be complicated or fancy AT ALL.  The travelers notebook format is recommended because they are small and easy to work with, but your version could be as simple as one photo a week on your phone.   There is no need to do all the prompts or to do them in order.

Here is a LINK to the full list of prompts via google doc, if you want to plan to fill a 64 page midori notebook.  This is PURELY suggestion/sample.

I would love to have you join this fun and encouraging community in a simple way to save your favorite small joys this summer. I think you’ll find it’s a lovely place to share!

Follow along on instagram: find me @wilderstories, or follow the hashtag #littlesummerjoy2018

If you have watched Julie’s lovely introduction, skip on over to the prompts:

Week 1, prompt 1: Summer Manifesto,

Week 1: prompt 2: Summer Quotes,

Week 2 prompt 1: Calendar and Bullet Journal

Week 2, Prompt 2: Celebrating the Little Things

Week 3 Prompts  Hometown Tourist

Week 4 Prompts Celebrating you and Day in The Life

Week 5 Prompts: Simple Moments

Week 6 Prompt: Catch up week!

Week 7 Prompt: Transitions

Jump in anywhere if you are just joining us!






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